Why Is It Imperative To Be Aware Of Printer Duty Cycle?

Ever heard about the printer duty cycle? And, why do they say it is crucial to know about this term while choosing a printer? Listening to it for the first time? Don’t worry! This article will walk you through briefly on: What is a printer duty cycle and how is it an important factor while selecting an electronic gadget?

Duty Cycle 

When you go vehicle shopping, per your needs, you decide whether to go for a budgeted compact sedan or a heavy-duty pickup truck. A similar logic should be implemented while purchasing a printer. Do you require it for occasional casual printing or for your business that can crank out reams of paper every day? In other words, for sporadic use, a printer with a lesser duty cycle may serve your purpose, otherwise, for bulk needs; you shall prioritize the gadget with a good duty cycle.

Printer Duty Cycle or Monthly Duty Cycle

In printers, the duty cycle is simply a measure that represents the number of pages the gadget can print in a month. The figures could be as low as 5,000 for household printers, or hundreds of thousands for a business machine. Plus, the amounts a given printer can produce are without any kind of errors or snags.

For example- If the stats of a printer demonstrate that the duty cycle of a printer is 20,000, the manufacturer essentially wants to say that you can expect these numbers as the output. And, as discussed earlier this volume will be free from any kind of issue. Saying this, however, does not imply that you can presume the same duty cycle from a printer for its complete life cycle. A certain amount of wear and tear with the gadget while continuously performing for years can impact the efficiency of the printer resulting in the declining figures of the duty cycle.

To Summarize:

The duty cycle of a printer is an extremely useful metric that determines the durability and robustness of a device. It also ensures that the gadget will execute tasks with trouble-free operation.

Long story short: If your requirements are good numbers of printouts per day, consider a printer that has a huge duty cycle that can cater to your unique needs.

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