Which Printer Is Right for You: Inkjet or a Laser?

Are you someone stuck at the crossroads and unable to decide which printer to have for your household or business out of these two: Inkjet or a laser? Well, selecting the right one is an important decision which can depend on what you print, how often you print and how much budget you can afford. This article discusses some of the critical differences between the two that will help you to choose one over the other!

Inkjet Printers: – As the name demonstrates, inkjet printers use ink for its functioning. They are ideal for printing high-quality photos along with text-based documents. Inkjet printers also allow printing on a variety of media including canvas, fabrics, banner size sheets and some can even print on special coated CDs and DVDs. What’s more, these are generally smaller and lighter in size than other categories of printers. In other words, inkjet printers are generally easier to maintain.

Furthermore, inkjet printers are more suitable for low volume printing. So, if you’re considering a home printer for periodic printing, most people would advise you to go for an inkjet printer.

Laser or LED Printers: – For printing a perfect text, a Laser or LED printers are mostly considered. They create precisely drawn black text and color text is usually almost as good. If you print mostly texts with occasional graphics, a laser printer is a way to go.

In Continuation, laser printers are faster than their counterpart’s inkjets and can print swiftly. Also, they are designed in a way to handle high volume printing easily.

For Your Information: – Laser printers struggle to print smooth looking photographic images. Plus, they are bigger and bulkier machines that require more maintenance.

The points mentioned above help you to choose between the two categories of printers as per your requirements.

That said, today, a brand that’s renowned in the market and well-known for manufacturing the best printers is Hewlett Packard (HP). The company makes some of the top inkjet, laser printers along with the other types of printers. Another reason for HP being the number 1 choice among its consumers is that they provide affordable electronic gadgets that won’t strain your tight-budget.

However, though HP manufactures the best products, technical glitches with your equipment are inevitable. As a result, because of these bugs, your printer may start to make errors. These snags can be extremely frustrating, wherein a problem is persistent that’s difficult to diagnose.

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