The Working of an Inkjet Printer

Most people these days are heavy users of printers because of their myriad advantages. We turn to them when it comes to creating any form of hard documented material. Today, almost every household or business has a printer, and you probably won’t be reading here if you don’t own one.

That said, though we rely heavily on printers, ever thought how does a printer work? You probably haven’t thought much about it, but this stuff is a common aspect of our life. Let’s understand this more through this article, the working of an inkjet printer!

Inkjet Printer

An Inkjet printer is one category of printers that primarily makes use of ink for its functioning (Not every printer makes use of ink). They shoot ink on to a page through tiny nozzles on the print head. These nozzles are so fine that they can even be compared to the diameter of a human hair.

Furthermore, most inkjet printers these days are thermal bubble inkjets. This means that they use heat to project ink from the nozzles. The print head has tiny resistors in it which heat each time the electric current is passed through them. As a result, the ink vaporizes and creates a bubble that pushes a fraction amount of ink on to the paper. When the bubble pops, a vacuum is developed which pulls more ink into possession for the next bubble and the process continues.

Functioning Of An Inkjet Printer

For Information PurposesThe ink through print head nozzles come at a high speed as fast as 22 mph.

The above was the basic process of how an inkjet printer works and prints. Presently, these printers have become an ideal choice for most households because of their versatility to print both text-based documents and images in high quality. Plus, inkjet printers are generally cheaper and smaller in size than the other classes of printers.

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