Know-How To Fix The Printer’s Common Issue?

Technology is a beauty when everything works smoothly, but when hardware and software do not function properly those delays are frustrating and always costly. The printer is one such electronic device that encounters a common problem and halts printing for example Printing takes too long, paper jam issue or printer isn’t printing. This sometimes can be very annoying!

However, it’s always good to seek assistance from experienced technicians to quickly get rid of the problem. Gadgetsick works with the motto: A user problem is our problem. Our certified HP printer customer support team works harder for 24*7 to come up with an optimum solution to your issue with the printer. We are the industry’s leading reliable technical support providers, using the best in class technology to diagnose the issue with the perfect solution.

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Let’s dive into some common printer snag and quick hacks to solve them:

  1. Printing takes too long

One of the most common problems with printers is the speed of printing. Some printers are fast and some work slowly. Slow print time can be because of the choice of drivers or by a high-resolution setting.


High-resolution images need more data for the printer to process and cause slow printing. You can switch the printer mode to normal for office documents. If high-quality images are required then switch mode to high quality.

  • Paper Jam

The most annoying printer problem is the issue of paper jams. The reason for paper getting jammed is that paper is misaligned or overfilled.


Use high-quality paper that is supported by your printer. If the paper jam problem is because the paper is not aligned properly then remove the tray to make sure the paper is aligned properly and reset the tray. Always make sure that paper is stored in a dry place to avoid moisture for a good printing experience.

  • Printing quality is low

When your printer is working fine but the by-product is terrible. Smudges, poor quality, faded makes the document untidy and unprofessional.


For the inkjet printer to make sure that you are printing on the correct type of paper. Check your printer driver and paper loaded into the tray matches. Sometimes you may run low in one color and time to change the cartridge.

With that said, if the problem persists with the printer and hinders your work, it’s always optimal to call for technical support for the same. Our HP customer printer service provides you with the ideal solution for your concern in no time.

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