How Does Laser Printer Work?

So, you’re someone who owns a Hewlett Packard (HP) laser printer for your business. You have had the ultimate experience each time you turn to it to create a hard copy documented material. Meanwhile, ever thought how does your laser printer work? What are all technicalities involved in its mechanism?

HP Laser Printer

This article gives a brief overview of the functioning of a laser printer. Let’s go ahead and understand more about this!

A laser printer works by placing an electric charge on a rotating drum (One of a component in a laser printer). Then a laser discharges a lower electrical charge on the drum. Fundamentally, it’s this laser that draws an image that is going to be printed on the drum itself. Further, the drum is coated with a fine black powder toner. And as the drum is coated, the toner only clutches the areas where the laser has drawn. So, when the paper goes through the printer, the toner is placed on the paper. The result is a high-quality paper

Functioning Of a Laser Printer

In continuation, laser printers work similarly to photocopiers which make use of bright light to make an exact copy of a printed page. The light reflects off the page onto a drum, makes ink particles stick to the drum; and the ink is then deployed to the paper, fused to its surface by hot rollers. Thus a laser printer works in almost the same way, with one critical difference: since there is no original page to copy, the laser has to write it out from scratch.

Laser printers have higher speeds than the other classes of printers. As a result, they are preferred more when printing is required in larger volumes. Plus, they provide the highest quality of print and are readily available in different sizes (From small personal ones to larger ones for businesses).

The above were the basic steps involved in the functioning of a laser printer. That said, these printers tend to work for a good number of years without giving much of hassles. However, as is the case with almost every electronic gadget, technical snags with them are unavoidable. This might result in your printer going wrong and start giving you errors.

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