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Few things lead to disappointment more quickly than any other thing in the world like when you want to print something and your Printer is not doing do! (Sometimes even no error message is displayed). Some very common hassles in printers are like white streaky lines or faded images and printers won’t print anything, all this leads to frustration.

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Troubleshooting solutions will largely depend upon your printer model, however, once you see some normal issues, you can rapidly look and discover fixes as per your device. Online assistance to assist you is provided by all the leading printers’ manufacturers to work through your printer issues and get it fixed. Also, if you still face any printer issues it’s time to say goodbye to your problem and need to dial the printer tech support phone number for assistance. We have a team of tech-savvy professionals who can resolve any of your Printer’s errors in the shortest time possible.

Some Common Error with Instant Resolution

Here is a list of some common printer errors encountered by printer users frequently. As said earlier few of these issues can be resolved easily and some need expert guidance. Let’s get started

  • Ghost Jams:

At this point when your printer says that there’s a paper jam, and there isn’t, odds are this is because there’s a mechanical issue. Don’t quickly crush your printer in a field, however, the solution for Ghost jam is discovered by Neal Poole that due to real paper jam error some residue is left behind the interfaces with the printer even after the paper jam error is gone.

It’s recommended in ghost jam error to examine the mechanical parts and make sure all parts are clean. Here are the basic troubleshooting steps that can help:

  1. Evacuate the Rear duplexer and hold any of the four rollers. Do they move unreservedly? Assuming not, your next step is
  2. Contact two of the metal contact focuses on a paper clip. Spanning this contact makes the printer think the duplexer is still working and installed, and you’ll need to keep in touch completely through the final steps.
  3. Click < OK on the control board.
  4. Look for furthest rubber roll and spin. Check for shards of paper in the gear area.
  5. When rollers and riggings turn openly, ghost jam is successfully cleared by you, and you can withdraw the paper clip and reassemble.
  • Drivers Problem in Printers

It’s not always hardware to blame. A printer driver acts as the mediator between your printer and computer. After an update, your software can work a bit differently as drivers can go out to date. You may likewise have an inappropriate driver downloaded from your PC to work with your printer. Uninstall the driver at your work station and update your system with the latest version, this will help to create a clear communication between your printer and desktop again.

  • Queue Load

At this point when your print job is completed, your line should clear itself by default. Sometimes things don’t work as planned, particularly when few print jobs are postponed or put on hold because of the connection problem. On the off chance that your print queue gets all obstructed can cause your driver to come to a standstill. Regularly trying to print something, you’ll wind up choosing print a few times over, further over-burdening your queue job.

Sometimes if your printer is not printing, it isn’t because of your printers only. A stuck print job can logjam your queue that prevents jobs for a printer to print. It likewise won’t leave even you to delete the jobs many times. It’s best to clear the queue and get the printing job to start again. Print once more? Here’s the way to begin:

  1. Turn your printer off totally and unplug it from your source.
  2. Be sure that all the documents are saved properly as once the queue is cleared all the data will be deleted and cannot be recovered. At this point when you clear your queue, all print jobs that haven’t been saved will be deleted—it will vanish too.
  3. Open Windows Services via looking at “Services” in your inquiry toolbar or tapping the Windows button on your console.
  4. Mostly down your list of Services, you’ll see one called the “Print Spooler.” Right snap on the Print Spooler choice and check for options. “STOP” will end the stuck job of printing that is there in your queue.
  5. After this, delete the existing files in your print queue with the spooler.
  6. Now, it’s time to shut down the computer unit from windows.
  7. Turn on the printer and computer again
  8. Print the document, Yes your work is done!

These are some easy solutions for your printer’s problem. One of the most recommended troubleshooting steps would be to restart all the devices attached to your printers i.e. Printer, workstation or router. Turning all these back again can solve your many problems and save you time and money.

With that said, some problems need expert advice only. Yes! You heard it right that only tech-savvy professionals can help you out to get rid of these frustrating printer errors. Are you also sailing through the same boat for printer errors? Contact us by simply dialing the printer tech support phone number (888)358-6248.

We have a team of trained experts that are available 24/7 and 365 days with a best-fitted resolution. All you need is getting in touch with us! Call now

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