Dealing With HP Printer Error 79

Have you been facing HP Printer Error 79 lately? Don’t worry. We’re here to suggest some ways to deal with it. You must know that this error is a very common glitch often observed by users in their HP Laserjet printers. Sometimes you might even find that the printer reboots itself after the error shows up. Such a thing can often lead a user to think that the printer is out-of-order. Don’t be mistaken. Your printer isn’t faulty. Read further to understand the nature of Error 79 and how to overcome it.

How To Fix HP Printer Error 79

General Causes of This Error

Printer errors are not an unusual glitch. Ever since printers have come into wide commercial and personal usage, users have reported of one or the other problem arising in their printers. That does not mean you need to buy a new printer. Such errors are temporary glitches and can show up more than once as well. But such errors can be easily resolved by attempting some easy methods.

But first, you must understand why such an error would possibly show up in your printer. The error 79 generally shows up due to some general reasons such as:

– Occurrence of a corrupted print job.

– Malformation of a PostScript document.

– Faulty communication between the spooler and the printer.

– Existence of an outdated firmware in your printer.

 Methods to Resolve Error 79

If your printer has been showing up the error 79 again and again, there are a few ways that you can fix the problem. To resolve this issue, you must make sure that you have consistent network access and a proper administrator account in the computer system. Take a look at these techniques to deal with the Error 79 issue:

1. Removing The Print Jobs

– Switch off your printer.

– Try to remove all the print jobs that are linked through your network.

– Go to ‘See What’s Printing’ and see which all accounts own the print jobs.

– Go to each such account by logging in and try removing them from the network.

– Remove and add the printer from the ‘Devices and Printers’ if you’re canceling the print jobs from the particular accounts.

2. Restarting The Printer

– Go to the switch on the button on the bottom of the printer.

– Turn off the printer and wait for some time.

– Then turn on the printer and wait for it to start as usual.

3. Change Your Document

– You can try this if your print job has been leading to the issue.

– Break your document into smaller chunks before printing it.

– Check for the error if it’s still there.

4. Replugging Power Cord

– Unplug the power cord from your printer.

– Unplug the power cord from the power outlet in the wall as well.

– Plug the power cord again to the power source and the printer and wait for the printer to turn on.

– If the printer does not turn on, try turning it on manually.

– Avoid using any extensions, power strips, and surge protectors during this process.

– Test print a document to check if the error remains.

5. Reconnecting To The Network

– Firstly, unplug your router.

– Restart the printer.

– Replug your router again.

– Try printing a document and check if the error persists.

6. Updating The Printer

– Turn on your printer.

– Connect the printer to a network (wireless or otherwise).

–  If you’re choosing ethernet, you must ensure that an ethernet cable runs from the printer to the modem.

– Navigate to the M401dn screen.

– Go to the ‘Network’ icon and check the IP address.

– If the IP address shows up to be something like this – ‘192.168.XXX.XXX’, that indicates that it is connected to a home network.

– If the IP address does not show the trend as above, it might be showing up like this 169.XXX.XXX.XX.

– Navigate back to the home screen and go to ‘Settings’

– Go to ‘Laserjet Update’ and check if any updates are present.

– Download the latest printer update and install it. – Once the update is installed, go ahead and check if the printer error is still showing up as before.

– In case the error is showing up again, try rebooting your printer so that the new updates have been activated completely.

– In the end, don’t forget to test print a document to check if the printer is working properly or not.

7. Refill the Cartridge:

– Lift the plate above the printer cartridges and check if they need to be refilled.

– If they’ll need to be refilled, take them out gently and refill them as suggested in the printer manual.

– Once refilled, place the cartridges back in their place and lower the plate to its initial place.

– Now test run the printer to see if it is printing the documents as it should.

With the help of one or more of these techniques, you can easily resolve the Error 79 issue for your printer. HP printers are one of the top-performing printers in the market but no brand of printers can claim to be completely fool-proof. So no matter how costly your printer may have been when you bought it, it’s normal to get some generic errors once in a while. But if you’re getting such errors more often than not, you should seek professional help.

Problems like ‘HP Printer Error 79’ are not new to HP printer users. We’re not saying that your printer is likely to experience it anytime but you must be prepared to handle such a situation if it comes up. If you’ve gone through all the steps and details mentioned above, it would be good to go on your own. However, you don’t have to be alone in this.

If at any point you feel that the error is not resolved despite following all the proper steps, you must consult a professional. All you’d need to do for that is reach out to our consultation support team and we’ll guide you through step-by-step. Get in touch with our team of savvy experts today by simply dialing (888)358-6248!

General Causes of This Error

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