Additional Printer Specifications To Be Considered When Purchasing A Printer

In the last of one of our articles, we talked about certain printer specifications one needs to keep in mind while choosing a printer of your choice. Further, this blog will talk about some of the additional ones-paper handling specifications- to be more precise- that may assist in getting you a printer that is right for your needs. Here are three of them! Paper-Handling Specs   Standard and Optional Input Tray: […]

Printer Specifications That You Need To Keep In Mind When Selecting Your Ideal Printer

Thinking about purchasing a brand new printer for your household or business? Here are some of the specifications that you need to keep in mind before buying one that will assist you in making an informed decision. Basic Printer Specs Dots per inch (dpi): Much like computer monitors, printers deliver content based on a certain resolution. However, instead of pixels, printers generate “dots” made up of different colors that together […]